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What should you look for when it comes to finding the best SEO software? has plenty of experience dealing with SEO software packages -- we use technology on a daily basis to assist in the planning, executing and reporting of our SEO activities. Through our work, we’ve discovered three key things to watch for when evaluating any SEO software suite while determining if it’s the right choice for you:

Meeting Your Needs: Before you think about purchasing any SEO software package, you need to identify why you are interested in making a purchase in the first place. Are you planning on doing your own SEO or working with an agency? If you are hiring a firm, chances are you won’t need more than the SEO tools that are available for free online (such as Google AdWords). If you are doing your own SEO, you need to determine the features that are most important to your campaign. If you are a company with a heavy social media presence -- or are looking to develop on in the future -- you want to make sure the SEO software you choose has social media tools such as monitoring.

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How Often Will You Use It: This is a basic cost-benefit analysis that goes back to the first point -- there is no reason to buy something if you are rarely going to use it. This ranges from paying more for a feature in the software that you might only use one time to buying a whole suite of SEO software and rarely using it. Think about your needs and whether any SEO packages are right for you or if you are better off simply relying on the tools offered by an SEO company.

Help and Support: As with any piece of software, even the best SEO software tools can be complex to deal with. This is especially true when you are dealing with suites that package a variety of tools together. Make sure that any SEO software that you use has outstanding documentation. The best SEO software will also give you access to support via phone, email or live chat.