How to Blog:

Effective blogging is about more than just typing for a few minutes about anything that is interesting to you and then pressing “post” on your blog site. If you want your blog to work for your online marketing purposes, each post needs to be targeted toward a specific audience and crafted in a way that draws in readers and encourages sharing. Most business owners don’t know how to blog effectively, limiting their ability to implement an SEO blogging campaign.

If you are serious about search engine optimization, you need to be blogging on your site. The good news is that you don’t have to do the writing yourself. By turning to Search Engine Optimizing for your blog content, you are accessing the talents of experienced and professional SEO content writers. Our writers understand how to create content that is unique and relevant to your business.

Our writers create blog posts of at least 300 words each. We’ll make sure to discuss possible blog topics with you so we can better understand the areas of conversation that will be interesting to your customers. You’ll find that our writers will create blog posts that are unique to your business and will do it professionally.



1 time a week $60.00
2 times a week $120.00
3 times a week $180.00
5 times a month $300.00
10 times a month $600.00
12 times a month $720.00