Keyword Research

One of the biggest obstacles that small business owners face when they attempt to do search engine optimization on their own is keyword research. It’s an element that is critical to any SEO campaign but most people struggle to do it right. With Google limiting access to their previously free and open online research tools, it’s become even more difficult for most people to do SEO keyword research.

Working with an SEO agency to do SEO keyword research is often the right choice, whether you are going to use them for future SEO services or plan on doing everything yourself. But most SEO agencies will charge -- often a significant amount of money -- in order to do keyword research.

This isn’t the case with Search Engine Optimizing. We offer our keyword research for free. We will do keyword research for up to five keywords in Google and Bing based on your website’s industry category. We’ll complete our research within 24 hours and get the results back to you as soon as possible. Within a couple of days, you’ll get valuable keyword research back that you can use to build an effective SEO strategy and target the right customers.


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