At first glance, putting a “robot” on your website might seem like something you want to avoid. But the truth is that having a robot.txt file on your site isn’t dangerous at all; in fact, it’s good SEO practice and something that every website should do if it wants to make sure that it attracts the attention of major search engines.

What is a robot.txt file? To understand this, first you need to know how search engines collect information about website. They send robots to sites to index content. This information is used by the search engines to determine how sites are ranked. But robots can also collect information that you don’t want them to collect or that could hurt your SEO standing. This is where a robot.txt file comes in. It is a text file that gives search engine -- and other robots -- instructions about the information they can or can’t index from a site.

Search Engine Optimizing provides a robot.txt service so that website owners don’t have to do the work. All you need to do is fill out some information and we’ll send you a free robot.txt file to your email address within 24 hours and you can put it on your site.


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