Search Engine Marketing Company

SEO marketing is one of the more complex and often misunderstood aspects of search engine optimization. Unlike “natural” SEO tactics that are designed to increase keyword rankings, search engine marketing tactics such as advertising cost additional money. The good news is that this money leads to placements (if not always a guarantee of results). Some people think that SEO and search engine advertising are an “either/or” proposition. However, when you work with a top search engine marketing company like, you’ll soon see that SEO and search advertising are best when they work together as part of an overall online marketing strategy.

Here are some of the ways that a search engine marketing company can help you to market your website using paid advertising:

Paid Placement Listings: In contrast to organic listings, paid placements give businesses the opportunity to pay in exchange for their links appearing at the top of search results for certain keywords. For search engines such as Google, these links are marked as being different than organic results but are still often clicked on by users who simply go to the first link. These are generally Pay Per Click links, where the link owner pays the search engine a few cents each time someone clicks on the link.

Banner Advertising: Companies can purchase banner ads that run on the side of search engines and are shown whenever someone searches for a particular keyword. These are typically either bought on the Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression, where the link owner pays a small amount each time an ad appears on screen -- regardless of if the web browser clicked on it. A search engine marketing company can help you decide which model is right for you.

Paid Inclusion: While Google does not permit companies to pay for inclusion in their search results, some businesses work with a search engine marketing company to have their links included with search engine results for a paid fee. While search engines typically can’t guarantee placement and rankings, paid inclusion does insure that the search engine is indexing and including your link with their results.