Site Map

One of the most common mistakes that website owners or administrators make is not having a comprehensive XML sitemap. This is a file that tells search engines such as Google and Bing how to navigate your website’s infrastructure to find the information they need to index your site. Without a sitemap, it’s difficult for search engine robot to know all of the pages that are part of your site -- and all of the relevant content that can be found on these pages.

Keep in mind that an XML sitemap is different than a sitemap that customers use while navigating your site. You need expertise to create an XML sitemap that is easily read by search engines. Search Engine Optimizing can help you with this with our free sitemap.xml service.

It’s easy to get a usable sitemap when working with us. All you need to do is send us your contact information and we’ll get to work with our sitemap.xml service. Within 24 hours, we’ll send the report to you that includes the XML sitemap file. We’ll walk you through how to easily put the file onto your site to help with your overall SEO program.


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