Social Bookmarking

Social media is one of the hot trends in SEO for a reason. It gives website owners a chance to connect directly with their customers and create a sense of engagement with their audience. It’s a very effective way to spread the word about company news, specials, products and more while also establishing a company’s brand. It can also be a great way to spread links to your site, which will also help your SEO.

One way to quickly increase the number of social links that you have is to engage in social bookmarking. Web browsers like to have ways to organize their social links and use social bookmarking sites to do this. A targeted social bookmarking campaign will help you to reach the right audience and see your social media links spread throughout the Internet.

Search Engine Optimizing can help you achieve your social media goals with our social bookmarking services. Our team will submit your site to the leading social bookmarking sites, including creating titles and descriptions for all links for free. Once we are done, you will receive a report that includes links to all of the bookmarking sites.



10 Social Bookmarking $35.00
20 Social Bookmarking $45.00
30 Social Bookmarking $65.00
40 Social Bookmarking $75.00
50 Social Bookmarking $95.00