Social Mention Postings:

You don’t need to post a lot in order to leverage the online marketing and SEO potential of social media. Using microblogging sites such as Twitter is a very effective way to get your message out to potential new customers, connect with current customers and also create links that will be spread virally around the Internet. With just a few tweets, you can reach tens of thousands of readers and have page links go around the world - just the type of thing that search engines love to see.

Making tweets and Facebook posts is an effective online marketing tactic; it’s also potentially very time-consuming. That’s where Search Engine Optimizing comes in. One of the social media services that we provide to clients is providing frequent social media posting. We can increase the frequency and quality of your social mentions almost immediately in a way that requires almost no effort on your end.

We will work with you to come up with a list of potential topics and go from there. We’ll make 30 word postings that are engaging and people want to share. We can either post them to your social media sites or you can post them yourself. Either way, we’ll doublecheck every post for accuracy.



5 times a week $90.00
15 times a week $270.00
25 times a week $450.00