Submission Package:


Submissions to a multitude of online directories and search engines
• Submissions to more than 250,000 Free for All (FFA) link pages on an optional basis
• Submissions done manually to leading search engines such as Google and Bing
• Complimentary pre-submission SEO ranking guidance including a free site review
• Emailing of a detailed submission analysis when submissions are completed
• Reduced rates available for submitting multiple sites or for resubmissions.

We perform manual submissions for websites such as Google, Bing (formerly MSN) and DMOZ (Open Directory) that do not allow automated submissions. These manual submissions are done and although they are not included in the report generated for automatic submissions, we can give you any information you need on these manual submissions.



1 URL submission $24.99
1 URL Submission - Monthly for 6 months $89.99
1 URL Submission - Monthly for 1 year $159.99
1 URL Submission - Quarterly for 1 year - 4 Total Submission $49.99
2 URL submission - (For 2 Sites) $44.99
3 URL submission - (For 3 Sites) $64.99


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major part of our submission service. Our staff will email you with a review of your website and detailed suggestions for improvement. We will hold off on submitting your website to search engines if we discover issues during our review that could impact your search ranking. Our review includes:

• Authenticating the correct usage of meta tags, HTML tags
• Verifying the site is following proper design standards
• Reviewing the placement of keywords on-site and the keyword density
• Finding any elements on your page that might be considered “spam” by a search engine – such as hidden text – that could lead to penalties and lower rankings
• Presenting options for external and internal site links

At Search Engine Optimizing, we have very affordable rates for our top-quality website submission services. We provide submissions that will get your web pages in front of the right people and attract scores of targeted and motivated potential customers. We are always adding to our list of more than 250,000 search engines that we submit to on a regular basis.
We suggest that you submit your site on a monthly basis for the best results. This is because some search engines stop listing sites after only a few weeks. Choosing one of our multiple submission options fixes this problem and saves you more than 40 percent off of the submissions if done individually. One note: submissions made through this service are done with no guarantees of acceptance and inclusion by any individual search engine